Class Events

40+ years and we still look good!







Here are some of the photos from our 40th non-reunion combined with our guests, the Class of '74. The ever-so-casual Fall Fiesta Backyard BBQ held at the home of Bob and Janet Staniszewski was as far from a "real reunion" as possible. We were able to secure several large donations, large enough to make this a "free" event. Everyone was asked to bring something, anything to share and it went off with a bang. The weather was supposed to be howling wind and driven rain for our outside event. At the last minute we rented a huge tent with sides and windows. The morning of the FFBYBBQ was iffy, but as the time got closer to noon, the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day. HINT: Throwing a party like this would have been a lot tougher if we did not: 1. have great beer on tap (Stella-Artois) and 2. rent a margarita machine that mixed ALL DAY. We would do this again in a heartbeat! A partial list of attendees at the bottom of the page. We're on Facebook too. Search on HTHS '73 & '74 Fall Fiesta and you'll find us with MANY more pictures.


Class of '73 


Class of '74 



Gerry Bloemker, Kathi Jackson, Karen Burr, Sue Tulk, et. al 



Mike Costello, Maria Mitros, Nick Haday, Leon Walinski, Leslie Fisher, Kevin Houghkirk, Bud Burrows, Eleanor Groff, Suzanne Curley  



Mrs. Donohue (Science) in lower left corner 



Mariellen Hawthorne & MaryBeth Howie 



Mike Jensen & Bob Staniszewski 









Mrs. and Paul Schuler, Charlene Hoffman, Larry Gelman 



Mr. Pete Williams (Phys Ed.) Ellen Rab 



Eileen McGranary, Cindy Gilbert 



Kevin Kelly, Steve Woods, Steve Barbera, Amy Riti, Tim O'Malley, Larry Gelman 



Kathleen Holroyd,  Kathi Jackson, Buzz, Karen Burr



Vince Ferrari, Louise Abbate, Leslie Fisher, Kathy Ambrose, Debbie Boenning 



Eleanor Groff, Nancy Oliveri, David Payne 



MaryBeth Howie, Alan Rovner, Steve Barbera, Tim O'Malley, Nancy Tucker 



Glenn Fuhrmann, Maria Mitros, Mike Costello, Ellen Rab Costello 



Paul & Mrs Schuler, Dave "I'm toasted" Johnson 



Debbie Coryell, Scott Welden, Cindy Gilbert 



Kathy McCarthy, Joe Tortoreto, Char Berger Genetta 



Phyllis String & Evelyn Sukala 



Kathy Ambrose, Leslie Fisher Houghkirk, Amy Scattergood 



Alan Harris & Mike Jensen 



Phyllis String, Nick Haday, Debbie Coryell, Karen Burr, Amy Riti, Guido Sosi, Becky Riti 



Dave Buonnano, Robin Breyer, Eleanor Groff, Debbie Boenning, Nancy Oliveri, et. al 



Ellen Rab Costello, Amy Scattergood DiMarco, Bob DiMarco, Vince Ferrari 



Mrs & Dave Keller, Ms. Jean Mandel Clemons (English, Russian) 



Faculty guests who accepted our invitations were Mr. Richard Gagliardi, Ms. Jean Mandel Clemons, Ms. Lynn Heyne Spina, Mrs. Donohue & Mr. Williams. Mr. Conlin recently suffered a stroke and was unable to attend.


Partial list of attendees (at least the ones we remembered the next day) 


Louise Abbate ‘74

Kathy Ambrose ‘74

Bob Barber ‘73

Steve Barbera ‘73

Charlotte Berger ‘75

Gerry Bloemker ‘74

Debbie Boenning ‘74

Connie Boland '73

Robin Breyer ‘74

Dave Buonanno ‘73

Karen Burr ‘74

Paula Capaldo ‘74

Veronica Cherbonnie ‘74

Debbie Coryell ‘73

Mike Costello ‘73

Suzanne Curley ‘74

Bill DeMartin ‘74

Tom Dickerson ‘74

Bob DiMarco ‘73

Tom DiLolle ‘74

Mike DiMartinis ‘74 and wife Lori

Mike Donohue ‘74

Mrs. Susan Donohue, Science teacher

Al Ferrari ‘74

Vince Ferrari ‘74

Leslie Fisher ‘74

Glenn Fuhrman ‘73

Mr. Richard Gagliardi, Science teacher

Debbie Gant ‘74

Howard Garabedian ‘73

Carl Garlitos ‘74

Larry Gelman ‘74

Drew Genetta ‘73

Cindy Gilbert ‘73

Eleanor Groff ‘74

Nick Haday ‘73

Barb Harper ‘74

Alan Harris ’73

Mariellen Hawthorne ‘72

Charlene Hoffman ‘73

Kathleen Holroyd ‘72

Kevin Houghkirk ‘73

Marybeth Howie ‘73

Steve Ibbeken ‘72

Kathi Jackson ‘73 and husband Buzz

Robert Jay ‘73

Mike Jensen ‘73

Dave Jensen, chef extrordinaire 

Dave Johnson ‘74

Nelson Jones ‘74

Kevin Kelly ‘74

Craig Kendziera ‘73

Dave Kenner ‘74

Sandy Klenk ‘73

Nora Leary ‘74

Ms. Jean Mandel Clemons, teacher, English & Russian

Kathy McCarthy ‘74

Maria Mitros ‘73

Nancy Oliveri ‘74

Tim O’Malley ‘73

Mike Pakela ‘74 and wife Susan

David Payne ‘74

Patti Peffall ‘73

Vicki Pilarz ‘74

Cindy Poots ‘74 and husband Wayne Remington

Ellen Rab ’75

Linda Reynolds '74 and husband Mike Cleary

Amy Riti ‘74

Becky Riti ‘76

Marjie Robinson ‘73 and husband Ed Kozikowski

Kathy Rooney ‘75

Marc Rosenthal ‘74

Alan Rovner ‘73

Tina Sacchetti ‘74

Dan Santora ‘73

Amy Scattergood ‘75

Paul and Mrs. Schuler ‘74

Skip Scott ‘74

Steve Scott ‘74

Nina Smith ‘73

Guido '73 & Denise Sosi

Ms. Lynn Heyne Spina, teacher, Phys Ed.

Adam Stanizewski ‘05

Bob ’73 and Janet Staniszewski, hosts

Emily Staniszewski ‘03

Scott '74 and Debbie Stevenson 

Phyllis String ‘73

Evelyn Sukala ‘73

Nancy Tucker ‘73

Sue Tulk ‘74

Leon Walinski '73 and wife Lisa

Scott Weldon ‘73

 Mr. Pete Williams, teacher, Phys. Ed.

Steve Woods ‘73

Connie Yetter ‘74