Remembering Those Who Have Gone On Before Us

Every time we remember, they come to life








Forever Young



Patti Brennan


How smart, how beautiful, a great personality. She was very easy to talk with, always such a positive outlook on life.

Steve Brown


So very talented, handsome and disarming. He learned to play and sing without a single lesson. Berkeley saw the talent and Steve spent his senior year there.


Linda Carpenter Gordy


If there was a party, Linda was in the middle of it. She loved to laugh and live life with the pedal to the metal. No excuses, no apologies.


Donna Cirucci Healey


The sense of humor, the infectious laugh, so much fun to be around. You always knew a good time was happening when Donna was in the crowd.

David Cunningham

Angela DiBartolo


Always smiling, Angela was a true
"people person". Ready for an adventure at a moments notice, she was ready for anything

Joan Ferenz


One of our intellectuals, Joan was quick witted and possessed an eccentric edge. She could literally take over a room with her presence.

Herbert Hosfield


A quiet guy who was easy to be around. Quite the aptitude for things mechanical.

Ralph Keller


The tall man with the relaxed personality.

Ray Lautenbacher


Ray loved to make people laugh. One of those track/cross country guys with the Tanner sense of humor.

Sybil Lyons Williamson


Sybil had a way of making everyone feel you were the most important person in the world. She had a killer smile and was an absolute pleasure to be around.

Mickey Magill


What a sense of dry/offbeat humor. Mickey could deadpan with the best of them and leave you scratching your head wondering "did he really just go there?" Many of the photos in our yearbook were taken by Mickey.

Wayne Martin


So very intense, Wayne knew exactly how to go about getting whatever. The '56 Chevy he built from scratch was AWESOME in power and craftsmanship.

Mary McGranary


A sweet, generous soul and a good, kind heart, Mary was loved by all who knew her. She was very dedicated to her family, friends and to her students.


Jim Obey


This guy could SING and he was hysterically funny. Jim wrote a novel based on the TV series "I Spy" when we were in Jr. High...most of our names were used in the characters he created.


John Pasarella


Last of the tough guys, John displayed a hard edge but was a warm, generous person when you got to know him.

Ralph Riti


When Ralph left us in 2011, the words classmates used to describe him were: kind, gentle, sweet, so funny, a great friend you could count on, what a character...
A great family man and a giving, spiritual person. Rest in peace old friend.

Marty Roseman


One always knew when Marty was around. With that big persona and ability to add wry humor to almost any situation, he was quite the character.


Donna Tiberino


So quiet and shy...


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