The HTHS Class of 1973

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35th Reunion Survey

We will post the results of this survey in the coming weeks.


Tell us how to respond to you (optional):

Address 1
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If you came to the 35th, how did we do, how could we improve? Please be direct.



If you were not able to make it, what kept you away (date/time, family conflict, price,

don't do reunions, too far to travel, etc.)?

 At out next reunion, is dinner a requirement or perhaps an "hors d'oeuvres" reception, or

would a summer barbeque be more attractive? Another idea?



Going forward, would you like to see a reunion every 5 years or should we go to

40th, 50th, 60th, etc?



Location ideas for the 40th: Restaurant, Bar, Catering Hall, HTHS, Fire Hall, Picnic Grove, the shore,
 Phillies Game, HTHS-Colls Football Game, the Aquarium, Battleship NJ, Casino? Somewhere else?



Season: Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, avoid major holidays. A specific date in 2013?



Please list the following topics in the order they are important to you: Price, Location, Menu,

Music, Guest Teachers, Date, Time, Who is attending, Dancing, Open Bar, Door Prizes, Raffles



Are there any improvements or additions you would like to see on this web site?


I would like to serve on the committee




A note from the Committee:


Please help us plan the next reunion and get the most bang for the buck. The two most difficult elements of working on reunions are:


1. Guessing what will entice you to join us, and

2. Getting a response from classmates.