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The Way We Were

June 14,1973
Little facts about 1973 and such. Some are well known, others may suprise you...
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Senior Photos

In Stunning Black and White
With a button click, see all of us, who we know have passed, who is active on Facebook, etc. A visual reminder and bearer of news...
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Reunion Or Not Pics

Snapshots in Time
Pictures from some of our reunions and some of our "non-reunions" aka Backyard BBQs, casual gatherings en masse...

The Daniel N. Santora, Jr. Scholarship

Please consider donating whatever you decide to give an HTHS Senior a little help in his or her next stage of learning

A jolt to the memory

Remembering some of the Graduation Day events and how hot and humid it was, the parties afterward... the summer and life ahead of us. Feel free to write us using the form below to add thoughts or offer pictures, etc.
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The Diploma of the day

Please forgive the homage to Mad Magazine, but if you're looking for your diploma, this is what it looks like...

The Procession

Graduation night procession. Many of us spent the afternoon at the Westmont Inn after graduation practice... remember the drinking age was lowered to 18 on January 1st, 1973...
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Diane Foster is crowned Prom Queen at the '73/'74 Jr./Sr. Prom, May '73

The Queen and her court: L-R Barb Suflas and Scott Stevenson, '74; Mary Ann Radford '73 and ??; BJ Abbott and Mike Carden '73; Diane Foster and Monty Teague '73; Andrea Harris '74 and Mike Jensen '73; Diane Burns '74 and Dave Worrell '73

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